TV Picture Set up Guide

Make every TV look its best!

Every television provides menu settings that affect picture quality. The easiest of these settings to experiment with is the picture presets. The following video guide is best for a dark room viewing environment where the eye is most sensitive to contrast and color accuracy. However, it's also a good idea to configure a separate preset for bright room/daytime viewing where extra brightness and color are critical to an eye-pleasing picture.

A good daytime TV picture preset is whatever one appears most appealing to your eyes - cycle through them all. Customize your chosen daytime preset using the tips provided in the video. We always suggest that Sharpness controls are no more than 10% above default/off (less is better.) Configure Color Temperature to taste but not too blue. The video's suggestions for Overscan, Motion, and detail apply directly to daytime viewing as well.

This setup guide is for standard dynamic range (SDR) viewing of content authored for the BT.709 color standard. High dynamic range (HDR) TVs have additional picture presets for HDR video sources, and it's best to stick with a preset that looks good to your eye for this often colorful content.