Heron Fidelity is the home base for Robert Heron's help and knowledge for recreating a reference-quality, personalized multimedia theater experience.

Robert is a technologist with over 20 years of experience testing and evaluating consumer electronics devices, primarily focusing on commercial and home theater equipment.

Robert's audio-visual (AV) professional expertise derives from testing and reviewing hundreds of related products, managing a successful AV test lab, and maintaining continuous education and certifications through organizations such as CEDIA, Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), and THX.

More recently, Robert has specialized in analyzing audio and video display systems and providing detailed feedback or direct corrective action based on industry standards, aiming to deliver an experience faithful to the artists' intent and to provide product insight and clarity to coworkers and the public.

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I've spent the last 20 years enjoying the exploration of all things home theater and professional video production. Along the way, I've met many similarly inclined individuals who have inspired me to keep learning and sharing. I sincerely thank everyone for supporting my efforts and keeping me on my toes with positive feedback. I'll always be a technologist at heart, and interactions with like-minded enthusiasts fuel my actions.