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We specialize in Professional Video Calibration for all display and TV types, including LCD, LED, OLED, plasma, and projection.

Our audio calibration services include wiring verification, room evaluation, and speaker positioning and tuning.

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We also provide expert home theater consultation and testing services throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and worldwide.

Klein Instruments K10-A Colorimeter

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Video calibration is available for all popular display types, including professional grading monitors, projectors, direct-view LED systems, and all popular televisions.

Our video calibration services utilize quality metering devices, video signal source devices, and the latest calibration software.

We verify proper video signal processing for pixel-based displays to optimize picture detail: minimizing overscan, appropriate sharpness without introducing artifacts, and natural-looking motion that faithfully represents the artistic intent.

Projector calibrations include picture geometry evaluations and RGB convergence optimization (when applicable.)

Calibration sessions for SDR and HDR picture preset require approximately four hours. Scheduling is flexible and includes nights and weekends.

Our audio calibration services take a holistic approach that optimizes sound quality by evaluating the room environment, hardware setup, speaker placement, and available room correction technologies to achieve a reference-grade listening experience.