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Favorite Projectors

  • LG Electronics PF1500 Full HD Smart Home Theater Projector

    The LG Portable LED projector with Smart TV (PF1500) is an incredibly flexible and easy to use 1080p display device: it weighs about 3-pounds, it has a built-in TV tuner and popular streaming apps, and you won't have to worry about replacing a burned out lamp. The PF1500 uses an array of robust RGB LEDs as a light source enabling very fast startup times (about 7 seconds!) and a lifespan exceeding 30,000-hours. The PF1500's LEDs delivered ample brightness, and solid calibration controls proved effective at optimizing image quality. The projector's limited zoom range may make it less suited for a fixed-installation scenario, but I found its tripod mount and built-in stereo speakers ideal for impromptu use.

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  • Sony VPLHW45ES 1080p 3D SXRD Home Theater/Gaming Projector

    The updated and improved 2016 Sony VPL-HW45ES has earned its place on this list by offering impressive 1080p projection quality at a very tempting price. Sony's 3-chip SXRD display technology delivers impressive picture contrast without the 'rainbow' artifacts of single-chip DLP projectors, and its low lag makes it ideal for big screen gaming too. As with any decent projector, the HW45ES features a lens-shift system for simplifying the alignment of its superb picture with the screen without any loss of detail. And as always, consult the Projection Calculator Pro before buying any front projector, and Sony offers its own projection simulator app that provides even more placement detail!

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  • Epson Home Cinema 3600e 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector

    Projection in a dark room environment is the best case scenario as it doesn't take much light output to create a beautifully rich and detailed picture. For rooms where some ambient light reaches the screen, the best solution is a brighter projector. The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3600e is optimized for extra light output, and its 3-chip 1080p light engine maximizes color brightness while eliminating the color breakup artifacts of single-chip DLP projectors. The 3600e features two 10W speakers that provide convenient and ample volume, and its integrated WirelessHD video technology eliminates the need to run a video cable. If WirelessHD isn't needed, the otherwise similar Epson Home Cinema 3500 is a great value.

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  • BenQ HT1075 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

    The BenQ HT1075 Home Entertainment Projector is a good reminder that truly BIG screen 1080p video enjoyment doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. The new HT1075 produces a bright clear picture using single-chip DLP technology, and it features dual HDMI inputs (one MHL-enabled) and a built-in 10W speaker for quick and easy setup. An affordable screen can help any projector look its best, but the HT1075 can transform any relatively flat surface into an immersive viewing experience - perfect for movie night or console gaming sessions! Compared to the BenQ W1070 it replaces, the HT1075 is slightly brighter and it features a simplified menu system. However the BenQ W1070 delivers equally excellent HD imagery at a nicely discounted price. Always consult the Projection Calculator Pro for estimating room and screen size requirements before buying any front projector.

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  • Epson Home Cinema 5030UB 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector

    The Epson 5030UB is one of my favorite 3-chip projectors that creates beautiful imagery without the 'rainbow' artifacts of single-chip DLP projection systems. The 5030UB has good light output, comprehensive picture controls, and quality touches like horizontal and vertical lens shift for greater placement flexibility without image distortion! For even more placement convenience, there is a version of this projector that features a built-in wireless 1080p video link (5030UBe or the new 5040UBe) - DVDO also makes an excellent wireless HDMI product (read my review) that works with almost any display device. Before you buy any projector, always consult Projector Central's Projection Calculator Pro to ensure an optimal fit for your room's layout and lighting.

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  • BenQ HT3050 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector with Rec. 709 Color (2015 Model)

    A good 1080p projector doesn't have to cost a small fortune! The BenQ HT3050 features a factory cinema calibration that provides accurate picture quality right out of the box. The HT3050 is rated for 2000 Lumens of ANSI brightness (but expect less with a calibrated setup) and it has some lens shifting and zoom for greater placement flexibility. The HT3050's single chip DLP imaging system is 3D ready, and the projector integrates a pair of 10-watt stereo speakers for good sound without external amplification. Before purchasing any projector be sure to consult a good projection calculator to make sure it fits your needs in terms of placement and desired image size.

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  • Optoma GT760A 720p 3D DLP Gaming Projector

    The new Optoma GT760A is a terrific option for anyone looking for a bright and affordable HD projector. The GT760A uses single-chip DLP technology to produce 720p imagery with up to 3200 Lumens of light output. The short-throw lens design of the GT760A allows it to create a bright 80-inch diagonal image from about 3-feet away from the screen or wall - this is especially useful for indoor game console use where you want to minimize people walking in front of the light path. Video ports on the GT760A include HDMI, 2x VGA, S-Video, and composite. The GT760A has a fixed zoom lens design so it's important to consider where it will need to be placed for the desired image size - I suggest consulting Projector Central's terrific Projection Calculator Pro for more details.


  • Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector (White)

    For projector enthusiasts on a budget, the Acer H5380BD is a terrific value for bright 720p imagery! The H5380BD features HDMI, composite, and S-Video inputs. It also features a 2W mono speaker for simplified plug-and-play use. The H5380BD uses single-chip DLP technology that is 3D capable with optional glasses, and the 3000 Lumens of output from its 190W lamp will help tame rooms with some ambient light. The H5380BD has manual zoom and focus lens controls, and its compatible with digital video signals up to 1920 x 1200 pixels. To better visualize the room setup for the Acer H5380BD, consult the excellent Projection Calculator Pro from the good folks at Projector Central.

  • Elite Screens Sable Frame 2 Series, 92-inch Diagonal 16:9, Fixed Frame Projection Screen, Model: ER92WH2

    If you are going to do projection right, get a tensioned screen that resists wrinkles while providing a matte black border for contrast enhancement. Much more expensive screens can better optimize picture quality to a particular projector, but it's tough to beat Elite Screens for a value option! Elite Screens' fixed frame designs are available in a wide variety of sizes and screen materials that can enhance brightness for well-lit rooms or provide acoustical transparency for concealing loudspeakers. If your room has good ambient light control, or the projector will be fairly close to the screen, consider choosing the woven surface of the AcoustiPro1080P2 that has a slightly lower gain rating (1.0) and improved diffusion uniformity.

  • STR-169120 Silver Ticket 120

    Silver Ticket projection screens feature easy assembly, excellent image quality, and value pricing. Given a choice, I prefer the more aggressive tensioning of Elite Screens, but benchmark tests have shown Silver Ticket is delivering imagery that's comparable to screens that cost many times more. Silver Ticket also offers a Gray Material screen with a slightly lower gain rating (1.0) that will better resist hot-spotting and improve off-axis viewing. Silver Ticket's 16:9 projection screens are available in (diagonal) sizes of 92-inches100-inches, 120-inches, 135-inches, and 150-inches.

  • Elite Screens Spectrum Tab-Tension, 100-inch 16:9, Tensioned Electric Motorized Projection Projector Screen, Electric100HT

    The Spectrum Tab-Tension Electric Screen from Elite Screens has everything I want in retractable projection screen system including:

    • - Tab-tensioned screen to eliminate wrinkles, ripples, and curled edges
    • - Wall and ceiling mount options
    • - Infrared (IR) remote operation and detachable 3-way wall switch
    • - Quite and reliable operation
    • - Screen sizes: 100 inches and 125 inches

    The Spectrum's 1.1 gain matte white screen adds a little extra punch to the picture while maintaining uniform light reflection for superb viewing angles. For rooms with high ceilings, consider the Elite Screens Starling Tab-Tension Series that features additional black matting above the screen surface to increase extension.