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The folks at LG Electronics are the masters of black with its OLED display technology, and they are looking to impress value conscious eyeballs with a new generation of LCD televisions that features accurate color performance with standard and high dynamic range (HDR) content.

The 2017 LG SUPER UHD TV lineup incorporates several solid improvements to enhance picture quality, usability, and design.


LG's best LCDs for 2017 will be available in screen sizes from 55-inches on up to 86-inches, and all share some common features.

  • Nano Cell panel technology
  • Edge-lit backlighting
  • IPS panel tech
  • WebOS v3.5

The Nano Cell tech used in LG's new TVs claims to use nanometer-sized particles, which aren't quantum dots, to improve color performance of its new displays. Paired with updated light absorbing/anti-reflective treatments on its IPS-type panel, viewing angle performance should remain more consistent compared to off-axis viewing with VA-type panels. Many LCD manufacturers have begun to utilize an enhanced LED that improves red color performance, and it will be interesting to see if LG incorporated this approach into the SUPER UHD designs.

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The SUPER UHD TVs continue LG's trend of staying ahead of the evolving HDR formats by supporting all of them:

  • Dolby Vision
  • HDR10
  • HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)

LG's partnership with Technicolor will include a future update for the SUPER UHD TVs that will add a branded Expert calibration preset. Also, an HDR Effect feature enables the SUPER UHD's to convert standard dynamic range (SDR) video into an HDR-like experience with enhanced brightness and color output.

The model lineup for the 2017 SUPER UHD TVs:

  • SJ9500
    • Cresent-shaped stand
    • 6.9mm thin (55-inch model)
  • SJ8500
  • SJ8000

 This article will be updated as more details become available