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Review: Sony XBR-X900B 4K TV

Updated October 9, 2014: added a note about HDCP v2.2 support

One rarely encounters a TV with good built in speakers, and it's rarer still when the same TV provides gaming entertainment that doesn't feel like a bunch of rejected smartphone apps. The Sony XBR-X900B Series 4K Ultra HD TV brings fun, style, and sound while delivering some of the best calibrated imagery that I've seen this year.

How to Watch 4K

4K60 ready
The X900B is one of the few TV's currently available that accepts PC graphics output at 4K resolutions up to a 60Hz refresh rate (4K60). While 4K60 isn't critical for home theater viewing (yet), it is a sign that this Sony LCD can handle the gear you currently own and stands ready for what's coming in the near future.

TV Picture Setup Guide

Gaming goodness
And while this TV won't replace a next-generation gaming console, having Sony's PlayStation Now cloud gaming service built in adds dozens of decent games ready for easy rental enjoyment - just add your own DualShock controller.

In the lab
For an edge-lit LCD with local dimming technology, the X900B's screen had good brightness uniformity, and movies with letterbox bars held up well in a dimly lit room. Its selection of apps, media playback capabilities, and sensitive over-the-air tuner also pleased the cordcutter in me.

Robert's Favorite Home Theater Gear

Impressive all-around
The Sony X900B Series 4K Ultra HD TV impressed my eyes with its accurate calibrated color and picture contrast. That it sounded as good as it looked was a bonus I appreciated whenever I wasn't in the mood to fire up the AV receiver.

Note: A test of the X900B's HDMI ports revealed that ports 1 and 2 accepted a UHD video source that required HDCP v2.2.

Read the full review of the Sony XBR-X900B Series 4K Ultra HD TV at HD Guru.

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